VO5 Instant Volume Powder 7g 



  • Launching as part of the VO5 Volume range, designed to add natural looking volume to fine, flat hair!
  • Created with gym-goers in mind, the new VO5 Post Gym Refresh Spray is here to solve the dilemma of post-workout hair so that you can quickly freshen up your look and go about your day.
  • With a natural-looking matt finish, the VO5 Post Gym Refresh Spray contains starch to draw out any excess oil from the hair and leave it looking clean and fresh, tiding you over until your next hair wash. It helps to fight flat hair and gives your locks a volume boost for that bouncy, freshly-washed look.
  • With this must-have gym bag essential, there’s no excuse to miss your workouts anymore!
  • Check out the rest of the VO5 Volume range for more ways to add a natural looking volume to fine, flat hair.

HOW TO USE: Holding the can approximately 30cm from hair, spray concentrating on the roots and leave for a few minutes. Use fingers to work into roots and brush through hair. Style & go! Style Tip: Add more volume to your pony tail by spraying through the midlengths and ends and scrunch upwards.